Salt River Project - Overview:

Regional Geology

The Salt River deposit is located at the south-eastern outcrop limit of the Bushmanland Subprovince in the Middle Proterozoic (900-1600 Ma) Namaqualand Metamorphic Province (NMP). The Namaqua Metamorphic Province is comprised of a crescent-shaped belt of Proterozoic meta-igneous and metasedimentary rocks. These rocks were deformed and metamorphosed during the Namaquan Orogeny (1000 to 1200 Ma), and outcrop throughout south-western Africa.

The Bushmanland Subprovince forms the south-western exposure of the NMP and comprises a variably thick metavolcano-sedimentary succession intruded by numerous granitoids. In particular, the Salt River deposit is located along the northern margin of the Garies Terrain, where it is hosted by the Geelvloer Sequence of the Kenhardt Subgroup of the Bushmanland Group. The Kenhardt Subgroup comprises a relatively thin package of bimodal metavolcanic rocks with accessory amounts of immature metasedimentary rock.



SRR Central

Salt River Central
Farm Graaf-water No. 198 and Adjoining Geelvloer No. 197, Portion 2

Total area: ± 8 998 ha


Salt River
Remainder of the farm Adjoining Geelvloer No 197

Total area: ± 3 037 ha