Northern Cape - SRR Photo Gallery:

The Salt River deposit is situated in the Northern Cape, South Africa. It is hosted by the Palaeoproterozoic Bushmanland Group. The area is semi-desert with a slightly undulating landscape.
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Local fauna of Eastern Bushmanland, common during and after sporadic thunderstorms.

Black, mafic intrusions scattered across the undulating landscape of Eastern Bushmanland.

Karoo-aged, doloritic intrusions along the Pofadder Shear Zone just east of Pofadder.

Landscape to the west of the Salt River deposit.

Looking east through Eastern Bushmanland along the N14.

Rare thunderclouds looming over green, summer landscape.

Local flora of Eastern Bushmanland peeking through common quartzitic gravel.

In addition to the more common sheep farming, big game (in this case Gemsbok) still runs wild on game farms.

Geologists in the distance on the farm Adjoining Geelvloer, Salt River Prospect.